Imagine being able to talk through the contents of your will on film – leaving no uncertainty about why you crafted your will in the way that you did and helping your loved ones to feel closure and loving thoughts as they experience a difficult time.

Our video wills serve a range of purposes – they can allow you to share messages at a will reading after you have gone, to make your family laugh, to share your wishes behind the estate allocation, and even to prevent family disputes! Filmed wills also allow you to make it clear why certain people may not be left possessions or assets in your will if you feel inclined to elaborate. It is your video and yours to do as you will!

One of our solicitors can write your will while we film you talking it through, or we can film it to run alongside your present will and provide greater context when it is read.

You take complete control of the contents of your filmed will and this service is completely bespoke and designed around your needs. No two wills are the same and we ensure that the film will truly reflect your wishes. We can film in the privacy of your own home and will deliver a highly professional service that you will be delighted with.

Please contact us directly to find out more and to ask any questions without any obligation. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how our services can help you enjoy an end of life experience that keeps you in control!

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