Personal Messages

Imagine how comforting it would be for your family to receive a personal message from you after your passing. Imagine sharing with them the happiest memories from a life well lived and your thoughts, reflections and wisdom. What a great feeling it would be to know you’d left behind happiness, smiles and beautiful memories at an extremely difficult time.

There is no better way to preserve those precious moments in life than by video. By recording your own personal messages you will be gifting your own rich and memorable family history for generations to come; bringing stories, events and anecdotes to life in a way that words on paper never could. These can be a wonderful healer for those grieving your passing and a fantastic source of memories that they can enjoy at any time in the future.

Why not share cherished photos on screen and tell their story? Maybe group photos from special events to give a sense of the atmosphere and importance of these milestones. We organise the entire video production to the most professional standards and can play complementary music to bring your images to life.

At all times you remain in control of your farewell video. Make it as short or as long as you want – there is no time limit and you simply get the opportunity to speak from the heart whilst being recorded by sensitive, thoughtful and extremely professional video production specialists with plenty of experience in the field.

Say whatever you want – your video is private and your personal messages are there for your named loved ones only. Our team is highly discreet and respectful and we work around your wishes at all times.

So how does it work?
We video you sharing your life stories in the comfort of your home before you pass away. In familiar, warm and comfortable surroundings, you can enjoy a feeling of relaxation and calm knowing that the video is being left in charge of experts who respect the intimacy of this process. All you need to focus on is thinking about what you want to say, and to whom.

After our post production work to perfect the light, sound and quality of the video, we can either send the video recording to you directly, or to your nominated loved ones once you have passed away.

Whatever you want to achieve with your personal message recording, we are here to make it happen – with the highest quality service, the friendliest professional video production experts, and the best possible experience overall.

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