Ever considered making a eulogy with a difference? Just imagine guests and loved ones pouring into the church or crematorium at your funeral and being greeted by the sight of your on screen. Our video eulogy service is all about creating memories for your closed friends and families after you’ve gone – sharing your favourite stories, recollections, funny anecdotes and heartfelt messages in a truly unique way.

As your funeral guests arrive they will be treated to your favourite song and sit down to hear your stories – whether you choose to have a simple slideshow packed with treasured photos and music, or a recording of you talking directly to the camera, our bespoke camera will translate your vision into a beautifully-delivered, professionally recorded reality.

Show the ‘real you’ and share your favourite moments from a life well lived by actually telling your own eulogy at your own service. Bring laughter to the congregation at a time when they need it most and remind everyone of the fun and joy you experienced during your special life, while sharing precious memories. The beauty of this service is that you get to tell those who matter to you most just how happy your life was and how much they meant to you as you lived it.

How it works

We go to your home and record your end of life eulogy in the privacy of comfortable, familiar surroundings before you pass away. We can either send the recording to you for a chosen loved one to show it at your funeral, or we can take this on directly via one of our professional team.

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